Create Your Own Atomic Visuals in SECONDS!
Cheat your way to atomic visual mastery!

  • Want to visualise your ideas but feel like you don't know where to start? 
  • Or maybe you feel like you don't have the drawing or design skills?
  • And who has the time to learn how!?

If that sounds like you, then the Template Treasure Chest is for YOU, me'hearty!

In the Template Treasure Chest you get:

Over 50 Procreate brushes 

50 x Procreate stamp brushes of Pirate Queen Laura's most used icons so you can create atomic visuals in seconds!

36 Procreate Visual Framework Templates

36 visual framework templates so your page is PRE-PREPPED to create a fully fledged visual story in under a minute!

Icons & templates for use in Canva, Illustrator & practically ANYWHERE

No Procreate? No problem! Canva versions of everything so you aren't limited by your tool. The frameworks are also available for use in the Adobe Suite, and even Powerpoint (if you must ;)!).

Want to see how they work?
Here are the Procreate Stamp Brushes
Here are the Visual Framework Templates
Create professional looking atomic visuals in just a few minutes
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Template Treasure Chest$35